Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA 5th annual Conference | Detect Respond Recover. Mitigating cyber impact on physical safety systems

Demonstrating Level 0 and 1 device Vulnerability

We don’t need to look very hard to find recent reminders of either the fact that ICS have become a prime target and the sophistication of those who seek to attack them. We now face threat actors developing means of attacking specific components that are all but ubiquitous across connected ICS in certain critical infrastructure. Many level 0 and 1 devices are designed to allow two-way data exchange with SCADA or cloud systems. Recent attacks have demonstrated how vulnerabilities could be exploited to send false information to operators or directly manipulate processes leading to loss of safety, economic loss and possibly cause catastrophic damage. This presentation will highlight current vulnerabilities in OT devices and demonstrate the ways in which they could be exploited by an attacker.

  • Examples of key OT vulnerability and demonstration of potential attack paths
  • Why context matters – Identifying IoT devices, the applications they support and how they could be vulnerable to understand the severity of the risk
  • How anomaly detection in raw process data could provide an additional layer of security

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Andy Kling , Schneider Electric, Director of Cyber Security and Architecture

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